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We believe it is important for our customers to meet the team and get to know them better. But also seeing who helps behind the scenes and how every one of our team members helps to ensure our customers receive the service they deserve.

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Bake House Team

Meet our Bake House Team.

Starting with Joanne who has been a part of them team for 16 years now, always going the extra mile for the customers and the staff who appreciate her most.

We then have Caroline who has also been a part of the team for 19 years, giving 100% dedication and ensuring all pies and treats are made perfectly.

Then we have Sally who is our van driver who takes out orders and does our pie run serving pies, sandwiches and a variety of other treats cheering people up every day.

Our newest team member is Kyle, who has recently joined the team but already a valued member and learning more everyday.

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Butcher Team

Meet the Butchers

We have James, James joined as an apprentice and has grown to become a skilled butcher who is always smiling.

Next we have Russell, he has been a member of our team for a long time now and is best known for going that extra mile for customers.

We then have Mo, who is the original Mr Battams himself who values the shop massively and is very important to the team.

Then we have Kev, the future Mr Battams everybody knows Kev for his singing and always joking about with the customers and team.

Finally we have Rob who has been a part of the team for the longest, Rob is extremely dedicated to his job and also his duets with Kev.

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Mo and Kev Battams are the owners of the shop, they both have 100% dedication to the shop but also dedicated to ensuring customers have complete satisfaction with their meat but also their customer service.

They also ensure that their work team are always happy and confident, helping them to go the extra mile and achieve things they thought they couldn’t.

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