National Cornish Pasty Week

Come and try our homemade cornish pasties. All of our pastry bakes are handmade and cooked fresh for you every morning. Our cornish pasties are made with our locally sourced beef, we mince the beef and mix it with diced potatoes, carrots and leek. Putting the mix into our homemade puff pastry which helps to make our cornish pasties even more tasty. 

This week we will be selling cornish pasties for £1 to celebrate national cornish pasty week! Come and grab one while you can. 

Cornish Pasties are originally from Cornwall and take up 6% of the cornish food economy. They never used to contain meat but that changed when people began to enjoy meat more. Pasties are known for being shaped like a D, but do you know why? The distinctive shape was given to the pasties because of the miners in the 19th century, pasties would be taken down to the miners by the workers there, the size and shape of the pasties were ideal for the miners as they were easy to carry and became a daily meal for the workers in the mornings. 

Many people believe the D liked shape is because of the way the miners used to hold the pasty, they would use the outer side as a handle. Baking pasties was seen as a job in the 19th century as good pasty recipes were so rare and never shared. Many of the best recipes have been taken to the grave.